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Hidden Places of Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Tramp stamp tattoo is one type of tattoo design with a unique location and is not common, namely in the lower back near the buttocks. No one knows for sure why the tramp stamp tattoo housed there. This tattoo design was generally chosen by women. Maybe they want to look sexier with this tattoo.

The first reason is to show the side of the erotic female body. As we know, the location is enclosed behind the shirt is only open if the owner desired. A woman would just take her clothes off if she wanted to make love with a man. You can imagine the imagination that is created when a woman wearing tramp stamp tattoo while he was having doggy style-sex. Amazing!

Tramp stamp tattoo shapes varied, ranging from flowers that are being broke, spiders, bats, passed up the body of Jesus and others. In general, these pictures have one similarity in common, namely a symmetrical or nearly symmetrical shape. Suitability form of tattoo design with the body can be easily done with this symmetrical pattern. And this is what makes a tattoo artist to do his job more fluently.

Users tramp stamp tattoo are the ones who always want a balance in her life, love life, cherish the people closest to and avoid conflicts with others. Not surprisingly, this tattoo design enthusiasts come from many circles of artists and public figures. Although its location is hidden, tramp stamp tattoo once exhibited by the owner to the public to know their response.

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