Meanings of Tribal Tattoos

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Meanings of Tribal Tattoos

Humans have known the painting art and tattoos since prehistoric times. In general, they paint any object that surround them as a way of expression and capture events that are considered important. It is also happen in tattoos, since ancient time humans have been capturing unique objects in their race into their body painting. Maybe at that time they are not familiar with tattoos, but the practice of body art of tattooing has evolved since they started painting.

Objects that appear in its tribal tattoos show typical of each region. To the natives of Hawaii, they used to tattoo the body with images of palm trees. For the people of Japan, sakura blossom is the symbol of elegance that depicted their culture in Japanese tattoo designs. Meanwhile, for the Dayak Kenyah people, picture of rice and cassava leaves is one of the objects in their tribal symbol tattoo art.

In addition to plants, meanings of tribal tattoos can also be intangible traditional weapon used by the local community. For example, traditional weapons keris picture for the Java community who identified with the symbol of power that is achieved by someone in a particular society. As for most other tribes, spear, sword, arrows and shields are some sharp weapons most frequently used and used as inspiration for tattoo artists to create.

Meanings of tribal tattoos are not limited to a round and black sharp, it is also can be something colorful that combines black, white, and bright colors that can be very expressive way for some tribes. Tattoo user with meanings of tribal tattoos are the ones who have a unique character, loyal to the traditions, like the natural challenges and always strive to be the best in its field.

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