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Get Dandelion Tattoo for Your Spirit!

One of the most preferred form of tattooing by women is the dandelion tattoo. The form is adopted from petals of the marijuana bush plant. At first sight, dandelion tattoo is not as attractive as rose or jasmine, it is just a bush plant. As many shrubs on earth, dandelion flower stem is similar to grass in general.

Dandelion tattoo is a symbol of tenderness, flexibility, attitude and romance in life. The women, even men, who wear this tattoo designs often look at life with a variety of beauty, like to enjoy every time in their life with loved ones and to avoid conflict with others.

Favorite location for dandelion tattoo is at the back of the body, especially your back and shoulders. Picture of a dandelion grow on blossom time and the breeze to decorate the back of a woman's body. By doing this, they hope to get a sexy aura of this intoxicating flowers. Therefore, a woman wearing a shirt with the back of the body opened, it aims to show that they are proud of dandelion tattoo.

Applied art in the form of dandelion tattoo is part of human freedom of expression to its environment. Natural beauty inspires the artists to explore dandelion tattoo as a tattoo designs that is able to get more spirit in keeping positive thoughts for the future. Let's play the spirit of tattoo designs to create a better future!

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